Enlighten Noodle Market 2017

I went to the Enlighten Noodle Markets last Friday and Monday evening, and plan to go agin this Friday and potentially Saturday… Can you tell I loved it? It’s just the perfect opportunity to sit in the sun and enjoy great food while watching the sun set over Canberra. I went to the Markets last year too, so if you’d like to read that one, click here! Canberra is becoming such a foodie city, I friggen love it!

Korean Tacos from Poklol

Poklol do a ‘three tacos for $20’ deal, similar to Bao stop’s trifecta. You have the option to choose which filling, so we went for one of each – beef, pork and chicken. I really enjoyed the tacos (the pork one being my favourite), but the meat was a little dry. The carrots were slightly pickled which gave a nice tang, the cabbage was crunchy and the cucumber was refreshing. I liked the sauce too, but would have liked more of it.

Kimchi and beef fries from Poklol

This dish ($15) was one of our favourites of the night. The chips were insanely crunchy on the outside, and fluffy and soft on the inside. The beef was flavoursome (you get to choose your meat), there was a decent amount of cheese and a healthy topping of kimchi. I would have liked the kimchi to be a little spicier, but this didn’t detract from the dish at all. I’d definitely recommend this dish if you’re sharing with friends.

Hand-pulled noodles with char sui, beef brisket and five spice-broth from Taiwan Noodle House

This was my sister’s pick as she’d heard great reviews. The noodles ($18) were awesome – they were thick and luscious, and had a great chewy texture. The broth had a deep savoury flavour, and the guys at the Taiwan Noodle House were generous with the meat! We got a big piece of peppered beef brisket which was  unfortunately a little dry but super flavoursome, and a lot of tender char sui. I really enjoyed this dish!

Chicken Yakisoba from Teppanyaki Noodles

This chicken yakisoba ($14) might be my favourite of the night… The noodles were chewy and covered in sauce, the chicken was tender and there was a self-serve sauce station (?!?!). I love kewpie mayo (you can tell from the photo, hey). If you’re a noodle lover, I’d highly recommend the yakisoba from Teppanyaki Noodles.

Pavin’ it Large from Gelato Messina

Coconut and pandan sorbet, pandan custard, raspberry marshmallow and lychee meringue. The ball of sorbet was not only giant but delicious – coconutty with a hint of pandan. The lychee meringue was sat underneath the sorbet, so by the time we ate it, it had gone kind of soggy. I still liked the flavour though. I loved the firm but soft raspberry marshmallow and the creamy pandan custard. For $10, this is a well-priced dessert!

Lychee, apple and green tea bubble tea with apple liqueur from Naughtea

This was my sister’s pick and she was a little disappointed, only because it was really overpriced ($13.50 with alcohol) and wasn’t super special. The apple liqueur pearls burst in your mouth which was fun, but the tea itself was fairly watery (maybe too much ice was added) and we couldn’t taste any alcohol apart from the pearls.

We got to the markets just after 5pm which turned out to be the perfect time to go. It wasn’t busy, lines weren’t long and there was no stress! By 6:30pm it started to fill up and by 7 it was packed!

We had a little wander around the lake after dinner while we waited for the light exhibitions to start. It’s times like these when I realise how beautiful Canberra is.

The light exhibitions were beautiful, especially the butterflies. 

If you’ve not been, the markets are on for a few more nights! Definitely check it out, and if you’ve got time, take a wander through the light exhibitions.

Details for the Enlighten Noodle Market:

Dates and times

Friday 3 March – Sunday 12 march

Sunday to Thursday – 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Friday and Saturday – 5:00pm – midnight


Reconciliation Place



Enlighten Noodle Markets 2016

After last year’s success, I had to go back to the Enlighten Noodle Markets this year. There’s always an awesome vibe- friends and family chilling out, eating good food and enjoying the hot Australian weather. Last year I went with a friend and for most of the night we ended up waiting in long lines in the heat. So this year we decide to go as soon as they opened to beat the rush. I’d definitely recommend going as early as you can- the longest we waited for any dish was 5 minutes.

Pork belly skewers

Last year I waited in the 45 minute cue at Hoy Pinoy TWICE within 20 minutes of each other for the pork belly skewers. What can I say, they had me at pork belly. So of course, we had to get them again this time round. Sticky, sweet and salty goodness. Two skewers for $12.IMG_0647

Bao trifecta

Next we tried a few buns from Bao Stop. We ordered a ‘trifecta’ of pork belly, chicken and peking duck for $20. The chicken was crispy and completely doused in a spicy mayonnaise (in a good way). The pork belly was tender and sticky and came with a generous drizzle of hoisin and mayo- if you can’t already tell, I am a lover of sauce. The peking duck bao unfortunately was a bit of a let down, only because the slice of duck we that got was about the size of my thumb.


My favourite was the pork belly.


Peking duck fries

We tried the infamous peking duck fries with hoisin sauce from Bao Stop as well which were really tasty, but a tad overpriced ($15 for a serve), especially because it came with about 3 pieces of duck. Maybe they were going through a duck shortage that evening?  IMG_0678


Next was chicken and pork gyoza from Zagyoza. These took me back to Japan. My sister loved the chicken dumplings, and I adored the pork. They were decently priced at $12.50 for 8 dumplings.


Ferrero Reveal ice cream

We HAD to stop by N2 to try their desserts. We wanted to try all three on offer, but we were so full we thought one was probably the wiser choice. We chose the Ferrero Reveal which was $9. A bit pricey for my liking (I feel like I should just accept that everything in Canberra is expensive…) considering its size, but oh my it was delicious. The best part was the layer of rice bubbles doused in chocolate sauce that created a crunchy chocolate casing atop the Nutella ice cream. Mmmm.


The awesome décor at N2.



After stuffing our faces we wondered around the Parliamentary triangle to see the Enlighten architectural projections at Questacon and Old Parliament House. It was so beautiful, I’m thinking of going again before the exhibition finishes to try and capture more photos! I’m still new with photography… but here are some vaguely artistic shots…

IMG_0861 IMG_0901

The noodle markets end this Sunday, so get in quick if you haven’t yet gone! For those who have, it’s time for round 2!